Uni begins! – 5 ideas to make the most out of university

It’s that time of the year again for Australian university students and this year will be exciting for me because it is my last year of university! I’m sure a lot of people has already said this but it’s true..time is flying by very quickly. Honestly, I’m looking forward but scared at the same time to … More Uni begins! – 5 ideas to make the most out of university

Spring =)

  YAY! Spring is finally here in Australia and the weather has been so pleasant!  Today was a great day with a really good catch with one of my great friend of over 6 years! She also invited another friend which we got along pretty well~ We had an amazing lunch at Kin by Us … More Spring =)

First class back

Just had my first class and it went by like a blur.This morning was not stressful despite having less than 40 mins to shower, get dressed, breakfast, makeup and even hang washing outside! I even had time to cut lemons nicely which I put in my water bottle~  I’m suspecting that it’s due to technology. … More First class back

hurry please!

This is my first time buying textbooks from Abebooks and so far…not so good. I’m still waiting for some of my textbooks to arrive especially since my class begins next Monday! The estimated date of arrival was a week ago and I’ve been trying to contact the bookseller but he/she is very unresponsive. I’ve contacted Abebooks’ customer … More hurry please!

Aerial Yoga

Hey y’all! I’ve been incognito for a while because I’ve been busy. YUP. It’s holidays and I was busy exercising with aerial yoga! Ever since I’ve heard of it, I’ve always been curious and eager to try it out. Luckily there’s a place that caters towards aerial exercises near my place so I don’t have to travel … More Aerial Yoga