Nail me not

There was this quote from a movie that I can’t remember the title of but I remember this character saying how females use the accessories they can acquire in order to express themselves in the patriarchal society where men dominated the scene. Actually now that I’ve said I think it might’ve been from Keira Knightley’s … More Nail me not

Personails Review

I love painting my nails and even more so, growing my nails. Growing up, I always had to keep my nails short for piano (struggles), so having long nails is kind of a luxury for me. I hoard nail polish and painting them on my nails is a relaxing and soothing process. One of my … More Personails Review

OPI Moon over Mumbai & OPI Oy-Another Nail Polish Joke!

I did these pretty hurriedly so its a rushed nail makeover XD But at least they’re better than my bare nails LOL I got all these gold glitter around my hands so it’s definitely messy. But once they are completely dry and I can move my fingers around freely~ I’m gonna get some nail polish … More OPI Moon over Mumbai & OPI Oy-Another Nail Polish Joke!