Beaches life update

Life has honestly being going splendidly for me in which I appreciate immensely. I am still maintaining a healthy work-life balance which has been a form of encouragement for my colleagues as they are now leaving work on time, as best as they can. While a lot of us are still working overtime (unpaid) at … More Beaches life update

Corretto @ Dee Why

Not a place we originally chose to dine and catch-up in but the atmosphere was swell enough to make us go in. I love how they have outdoor seating which is good for social distancing, but mainly because we have the beach view. And who wouldn’t like to sit outdoors to bask in that glorious … More Corretto @ Dee Why

No more WFH

OH I wish. But with my profession, it is inevitable that there will be nights and weekends spent working from home. Nevertheless, it was truly sweet to be back! I know I always focus on the negatives. (Shocker! Since I always stress to others to focus on the positives.) But WFH has been ideal for … More No more WFH