My friend owes me money and it has been three months..

Ok it’s not hundreds of $$ but money is money (and for a university student, it’s a big deal)! I wonder if she has forgotten or whether she’s just relying on the fact that I haven’t pestered her about it. There’s this uncomfortable feeling of lending money and not receiving it back. She said that … More My friend owes me money and it has been three months..

Almost Relationship

This post by Holly Riordan caught my attention while I was scrolling through my facebook’s newsfeed. What is an ‘almost’ relationship? I was reading through this post and a lot of the points raised was so true for the majority of the people I know. I know how some of them are addicted to being in a … More Almost Relationship

My food is gone.

Written in anger Do you get irritated when someone steals your food? Well this is what happened to me today. I only just found out and I am so fucking annoyed! It is not a life/death situation but I bought it for today..for me to eat in peace. I finally have a day of relaxation to … More My food is gone.

I’m worried…

Remember in my previous post where I said I lost my voice? Fortunately, I can speak, shout and yell out anything now. If only I could’ve shouted my lungs out when I was at the Justin Bieber concert a few weeks ago (he’s singing is amazing btw). But since then, every morning I have been … More I’m worried…


On Monday 20th March, I sat the NSW Driver Qualification Test (DQT) in order to progress from my Provision 2 to a full licence. I am so glad to tell you that I passed and that I don’t have to have those dreaded P plates decorating my car ever again! For those who are worried, … More FULL LICENCE!

Lost my voice :(

Has that ever happened to you or to anyone you know? It’s weird and quite freaky. It’s already my second day of voice loss and it’s so inconvenient. I’m a teacher and we use our voice to communicate with students. So imagine trying to communicate to students with no voice. How can you control the … More Lost my voice 😦