I’m worried…

Remember in my previous post where I said I lost my voice? Fortunately, I can speak, shout and yell out anything now. If only I could’ve shouted my lungs out when I was at the Justin Bieber concert a few weeks ago (he’s singing is amazing btw). But since then, every morning I have been … More I’m worried…


On Monday 20th March, I sat the NSW Driver Qualification Test (DQT) in order to progress from my Provision 2 to a full licence. I am so glad to tell you that I passed and that I don’t have to have those dreaded P plates decorating my car ever again! For those who are worried, … More FULL LICENCE!

Lost my voice :(

Has that ever happened to you or to anyone you know? It’s weird and quite freaky. It’s already my second day of voice loss and it’s so inconvenient. I’m a teacher and we use our voice to communicate with students. So imagine trying to communicate to students with no voice. How can you control the … More Lost my voice 😦

Uni begins! – 5 ideas to make the most out of university

It’s that time of the year again for Australian university students and this year will be exciting for me because it is my last year of university! I’m sure a lot of people has already said this but it’s true..time is flying by very quickly. Honestly, I’m looking forward but scared at the same time to … More Uni begins! – 5 ideas to make the most out of university


I hurt my lower back today after the Body Pump class. I felt the pain as I climbed the stairs and as I got into my car. Sitting was fine but when I tried to straighten my back…the pain became intense especially after driving through the humps in the shopping centre. As soon as I … More IM IN PAIN!