The Girl behind PINKKLOVER.

Name 名字: Lydia

Loves 爱: pink, good food (particularly mum’s food), exploring, stationary, receiving packages (clothes and beauty products!)

Hobbies 爱好: piano, dancing, calligraphy, reading, dramas and online shopping.

Growing up in Sydney, a cultural melting pot, I had been exposed to different cultures and various flavours of food. I also had the pleasure of travelling overseas on holidays where I experienced different lifestyles and cultures.

I’m a bit straightforward and blunt with my personality, so I created this blog to post my thoughts and emotions which I can’t really express in the real world.

Nevertheless, I enjoy adventures and love to experience new things (as long as it’s not too scary).

So go on ahead and explore this blog!



4 thoughts on “The Girl behind PINKKLOVER.

  1. Lydia,

    Hi! I just wanted to write and thank you for all the recaps for Princess Weiyoung. I’ve been checking your page everyday for updates and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you taking your time to write all these recaps. I enjoy reading them everyday 🙂


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