Kansai Japanese Restaurant @ CBD

Honestly reserved our spot an hour before we walked in because we just don’t plan anything. Luckily we got a reservation because we were so intrigued with the idea of “all you can eat”.

It’s my first time eating here and having “all you can eat” as it’s a bit different to a typical buffet. Mainly, you get served the foods from your seat! How fabulous is that?

I’m honestly still astounded that all of this only costs $45 per person! What an amazing deal and one I would definitely take up again. If only it doesn’t result in a full food belly that sticks around for about a week.

It’s quite worth with the sashimi boats and we honestly couldn’t finish everything! I honestly think they might increase the price because the boss was giving my friend and I the eye when they saw how much we ate lol.

Never did they expect that we can truly expand our stomachs. Never underestimate the stomachs of two foodies.

Kansai Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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