Malay Malay @ Haymarket

Another restaurant to return again as it delivers up authentic Malaysian cuisine. Brings me back to Malaysia as I’ve been craving their dishes for so long but unfortunately, no chance to go back so soon.

There’s been a popular interest in Singaporean and Malaysian cuisine for the past few years as more and more have been popping up around Sydney. Not that I’m complaining.

It’s great that they’re popular here because often I can only have them at home as mum cooks them the best whenever I’m in Aus. But, having the option to go out and have these is exciting because I can even expose my friends to some of my favourite dishes!

My ultimate favourite is nasi lemak because of its coconut rice and the peanuts. Everything just meshes so well together and I remember in Singapore, it would always be wrapped inside a banana leaf to enhance the aroma of the coconut rice! Plus, it’s quite good for the environment too.

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