Day 16 & 17: Adiós 🇪🇸

I honestly didn’t want to open my eyes to face reality. My last morning. My last brunch. My last wine 😭

But it’s only for now, I’ll definitely be back!

I did a lot of last minute shopping including my wines and clothes. I’m so glad I’ve been window shopping so I know exactly what I wanted to get. In and out of the store in 25mins (including last minute change rooms) – efficiency at its best.

Still doesn’t beat the 5mins I spent in Monaco to purchase this pictures Longchamp 😂 I can still remember my French teacher’s amazement lol.

I think I planned my trip quite well because check out was 11am, and I need to get to the airport by 12:30pm to check in. I have a bit of leeway to get my tax refund sorted and I like that I don’t need to be stressed about anything.

Chill and relax is how I want to end this trip, with a huge sense of satisfaction.

The flight to Dubai was peaceful. I’m glad I had a free seat next to me so I could stretch out my legs. Lasagne was a nice surprise for a late lunch, I’m glad I had that apricot pastry when I did because I was a bit peckish during lunch time.

It was funny that I got randomly searched again at Dubai’s customs…brought back memories to my previous solo trips when I would ALWAYS get picked. Why would they target harmless me? Is it because they know I wouldn’t have anything and they just need me to help fill the quota? I just hate taking off my shoes lol.

Duty free wasn’t worth it here in Dubai. I believe Sydney’s airport will be better priced and I hope they’ll have OPI nail polish as I want to stock up on more whites and nudes!

Ok, another peaceful flight back to Sydney and we returned early too! So thankful for the smooth ride and comfortable experience from Emirates – will definitely fly with them again.

And I managed to get my duty free shopping done! Trip is definitely well-accomplished and I wonder where I’ll travel to next 🥰

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