Day 15: Palace and back to BCN

Unlike yesterday’s late start, I woke up super early! I’ve already booked my tickets to see the Aljafería Palace which I’m excited about. My final attraction place here in Zaragoza before I leave.

I’m so glad I took time to get here today because the interior of the palace is absolutely stunning. The intricate details from the floors, walls and the ceiling just amazes me. It is packed with history and if you’re a student, pensioner, etc. the entry fee is only €1!

Well worth the price!

Admiring is not all I did as I also ate my way around El Tubo – a tapas district! This place called Bula was recommended by a local and honestly, I’m loving it! If only I have additional room to fit more in!

It’s quite a popular place with the locals and a fun place to hangout. Oh, I’ll definitely miss Spain. I can’t believe it has two weeks already…time definitely flies.

If only I can take a longer holiday – that will be blissful.

Returning to BCN was bittersweet and quite nostalgic as I made many memories here. It was a bit weird to be back especially since the friends I’ve made previously are no longer in this city.

Anyways, the main reason I came back was for shopping but man…all the shops were closed. I honestly thought they would be open but it’s Easter Monday. This means that I’ll need to hurry and buy the tops I want as soon as the shops open.

I honestly hate rushing but at least all my packing is done. I also need to double check on the alcohol limit because I do want to bring back their wines. It’s so dirt cheap!

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