Day 14: Sunny day in sunny Zaragoza

I had a fairly late start to my day in which I only had 55mins left to explore the Goya Museum. If only it was opened tomorrow because then I could’ve postponed it till then, but it wasn’t.

It was fascinating to see his artworks as well as those of his contemporaries in flesh. Seeing them online is different and it was interesting to know the history and his relationship with Zaragoza.

Definitely worth it and I can’t believe I was able to go through 4 floors in less than an hour! I knew I could do it because I was mainly here for Goya, not for the other artists, especially the abstract paintings which I find it difficult to understand.

Afterwards, I headed to this unique and interesting place called CroquetArte. They make such innovating croquetas besides the usual ham and chicken. I had one with risotto with shiitake mushroom & parmesan, one with salmon & leek and one with spinach, leek & goat cheese! Love! 🤤

Three croquetas might not seem a lot but it is quite filling. Plus, adding an additional white wine to the mix (when I drank quite a bit last night) also added to the fuel. I’m super stuffed.

And so, a nice walk along the Ebro river was on the list and it’s quite therapeutic. And also, you go an still get amazed with the beautiful sights of Puente de Piedra which never stops amazes me.

I didn’t dare go too far because I made a booking to go up the Cathedral to get a panoramic view of the city. Might as well since I have plenty of time to kill. Might even consider visiting the palace today but perhaps I might take a siesta instead as it’s too hot to walk that far.

A beautiful view. A refreshing one and a good day to see the sights! I love how the sun has been so therapeutic the past few weeks – I am truly lucky with their Spring weather!

At night, I decided to explore the city a bit more by visiting some more sites. Definitely a different scenery in the evening – quite peaceful actually.

And the sunset view of the Cathedral 😍 absolutely unbeatable!

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