Day 13: Off to Zaragoza!

Had a very VERY early start to my morning as I wanted to get to Renfe station an hour earlier than the scheduled train time. But stupid me caught the metro the wrong way, and now I’m around 10mins behind schedule.

At least I know I won’t miss my train because I’ve allowed for any of these mishaps to occur – smart thinking I must say so myself. It didn’t matter too much because the train didn’t arrive until 20mins later. But I like to get there early because I have a huge luggage and it’s easier for me to slot it in the lower racks since it’s first come first serve. So far, I’ve been lucky ✌️

Arriving to Zaragoza was what I expected. It’s quaint and I probably explored all the main tourist sites as soon as I arrived as well as partake in their Easter procession.

Though perhaps two nights might be a bit too long. Hope I can meet some people to help past the time or I’ll take a bus to their city centre (as I’m staying in their Old Town) to do some shopping since I didn’t get a chance to do any yesterday.

I have to say, this is the prettiest Basilica I’ve ever been to in my life! It is absolutely aesthetic and a kind La old woman decided to dedicate herself to be my tour guide despite the language barrier. Bless her!

She showed me how there two markings of the bombs that occurred during the civil war. Wow!ewe

I’m also at amazed that Goya’s presence is actually in this church as well – I do plan to go to the museum tomorrow because I am thoroughly intrigued with his works.

Even though I came here once, I think I’ll come back again because there’s just so much to admire about this place. Every single detail is so delicate and intricate that I need time to admire it all!

It was also fabulous that there’s an array of cafes to choose from for you to just sit and admire the exterior of the Basilica. What a view! And their roofs too!

Honestly all this walking around has made me famished! I finally got the opportunity to order gambas which is their prawns!

From previous tapas restaurants, the only seafood I’ve stuck with are mussels and calarmaris even though I’ve been thinking about their prawns. So now I finally ordered it and I love how it’s soaked with garlic and olive oil. Basically, I’m putting their bread basket to good use. It’s absolutely filling with all these carbs but it’s just so good to use it to its full potential to soak up all of its juices.

After exploring for a while, I went to my hotel to check in, unpack, unwind and took a nice siesta. I was absolutely stuffed after my lunch that I couldn’t fathom eating more.

But after a banging parade with loud drums and excited crowds, I was famished. So we went to a nice tapas restaurant but unfortunately was too busy eating to bother taking photos. Had meatballs, Russian salad and some croquettas. Love!

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