Day 12: Chilling in Madrid

The high from last night’s procession really got to me and I didn’t get back to bed until later. That means, a later wake-up than usual.

It’s my final day in Madrid and I’m not too fussed about it. I think I’ve seen and experienced a lot for a first-time traveller to Spain. If anything, there’s just more food I want to try before I leave!

In saying that, I’ve been eyeing this particular place since I’ve first arrived but never went in because it was always packed. It’s called Museo del Jamon and it’s a nice concept of a bar/restaurant/shop. It’s self service and I love how there’s an upstairs seating area where you can sit leisurely and eat (as well as people watch them shaving the jamon). What a refined skill!

And a nice way to start my morning.

I actually met up with a friend who took me on a nice tour around the other side of Madrid since I’ve seen so much.

It was nice to have company again to talk, chill and drink together. I’m still amazed at how they sell cans of beer by a family friendly park (not that I’m complaining) because it was definitely a nice way to relax and unwind.

It is a public holiday and a long weekend for the locals as it’s Easter, so everywhere is quite packed. The scenery was beautiful, even though the lake is quite polluted, but it was nice seeing people rowing the boats and having fun.

For dinner I had this delicious souvlaki (didn’t take a photo) and it was special because we got them to add hot chips to it! Who would’ve thought?! Definitely going to keep asking for hot chips when I’m back in Sydney.

It was truly a nice time to spend my last day in Madrid. Relax. Peace. Chill 🙂

Now off to packing for my next destination!

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