Day 11: Another Day Another Palace

Woke up a bit peckish as my last meal was 1pm yesterday. For some reason I wasn’t hungry for dinner last night nor even a cheeky tiramisu. I guess the drinks filled me up too much!

Anyways, there is so much to conquer today especially with a huge park to explore and a museum!

So I got out of my place at 10am (quite early for me these days) because I just wanted to find a cafe to have brunch before I walk. On my way, I passed by more amazing buildings including the Four Seasons Hotel which is exquisite!

After getting fueled up, I went to explore El Retiro Park. I would recommend you to start this early because it does get fairly packed in the afternoon. I spent a good few hours taking in the amazing sights including the Crystal Palace, many monuments, fountains and gardens.

If I come back, I would wear my runners and jog around, or even have a nice picnic as the grounds are super nice. It’s just so relaxing to see so much greenery as well. Nature sure is sublime.

Walking around this neighbourhood didn’t tire me too out surprisingly. I was still excited to explore and by chance, passed by another rooftop bar that is located on top of a palace!

It wasn’t as high as yesterday’s 27th floor rooftop bar, but this 6th floor is still amazing. And their mojito 😍 I feel like the Spaniards make their drinks a lot stronger than in Sydney which I absolutely love!

To get in, you have to pay €10 which you get back anyways when you order your drinks at the bar. And you only pay the difference if the drinks is more than €10. So it’s not too bad.

I wonder if it’s all the walking because I got quite hungry around 8pm which is two hours earlier than usual. Doesn’t really matter because food is everywhere and I love it!

I was craving croquettes and decided to just go to one of the restaurants located just downstairs my apartment. I’ve always been eyeing this particular one whenever I walk past because it’s always packed.

I love how they serve this mini cheese + jamon + mini baguette platter with my wine. So wholesome. I might’ve been a bit ambitious with ordering these two tapas but I wanted croquettes and eggs. What I want is what I get lol.

And I have been walking a lot. Nevertheless, I’m so bloated due to the endless alcohol consumption.

Perhaps I’ll get seafood for tomorrow’s dinner… I particularly want to try their prawns. Been thinking about it but never really ordered it. Omg and I need veges…but there’s no vege dish I can get..unless salad for breakfast? No.

Honestly I was disappointed that I couldn’t get into Museo National del Prado because all their tickets sold out. Even tomorrow’s sold out. I can’t even get the day after tomorrow because I’ll be leaving then 😦

Not happy. Why did they even limit the number of tickets anyway? Can’t people just get in whenever they want? This is my first ever disappointment in this trip.

After dinner, I planned to see the sunset at the temple I went to yesterday but on my way I was met with a huge crowd. I knew something was happening but didn’t know what.

I decided to keep my spot in the street because the crowds was developing fast. And then I saw it. Horses, a procession…it’s their Easter Parade for Jesus and Holy Mary! Honestly so lucky to have witnessed this and the crowds were clapping when Jesus came through.

I was able to see the same procession from two different places and they’re all located around 10mins from my accommodation!

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