Day 9: Markets, Old Town and rooftop hangs

Today is the day I get closer to the filming sites of Money Heist! I’m such a huge fan of the show which is why I wanted to come here!

But first, I still have half a day at Valencia which I’m just going to spend packing and chilling.

It’s such a cloudy day that I feel like doing nothing but just laze around. But I needed to feed my body even though I’m not too hungry. It’s been nearly 24hours since I last ate so I started with something simple: croissant and cafe espresso.

Never would I have thought that I would be in a food coma after a croissant but I did! I then went on a leisurely stroll to another market since not all the places at Colón were opened.

This is the Central Market of Valencia and it is truly huge! Too bad I’m too full to purchase anything more but I might have room for their tiramisu! If only I live here can I consider purchasing their fresh seafoods!

And situated very close to this market is this beautiful historical building called La Lonja de La Seda. It’s free admission and you get to view its ornate architectural design as well as a 12min video which has English subtitles, illustrating its history and purpose.

Even school tours are conducted here as I saw a lot of Spanish students on excursion. Afterwards, I just roamed around this old town and came across this huge flea market which goes on for streets and streets. While they do sell second-hand clothes, they also sell new accessories, shoes and homewares.

Was tempted to purchase new sneakers as they were only €10 but seeing that I’ve already packed, I was not bothered to repack my luggage again. Perhaps there will be some markets in Madrid that I might stumble upon again.

Roaming around aimlessly can become a bit tedious especially since it’s just a waiting game for me. I have until 3pm to continue to play in this city but there’s only so much one can do. I’ve seen all the sites I wanted to see, experienced what I wanted to do and did plenty of window shopping so I know exactly what to buy back in Barcelona.

If anything, it would be cool to go to another rooftop place to get a whole view of Valencia. And that is exactly what I did – plus, I needed a bathroom. So I went to La Plaça again but this time in Valencia. The view is not amazing as Catalunya’s but at least it’s another scenery.

Then I arrived to Madrid! Coming to a big city reminds me of Barcelona though I still don’t know if this city is for me yet. Anyways, I took a metro straight to my accomodation which was quite easy and straightforward. Thank goodness for the elevators because my luggage is huge and I remember lugging it around Seoul to get to the metro with only stairs. It was horrendous!

I love the place I’ll be staying for the next 4 nights because it’s clean, comfortable and I have another authentic Spanish view outside my window! I did do a bit of sightseeing before I take my usual siesta because I wanted to capture my surroundings before the sun sets at 8:50pm.

Love how the days are super long here because you can truly do so much! And that includes a siesta!!

I’m honestly enjoying my travels here as I’ve been living each moment to a high and enjoying all the experiences I can get!

Plus the food 🤤 I honestly want to be selfish and have another stomach which I can just use for this holiday. I’m just absolutely full. I even got a second serving of that Roquefort cheese sauce because it’s gobsmacking-ly delicious.

And cava? I never knew it could be this how they gave me a plate of olives to go with it. I’m absolutely stuffed and am ready for a huge night!

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