Day 8: Beach!

I can’t believe I got up before 7am! I did think that this would’ve been an opportune time for me to catch the sunrise at 7:30am, but my bed was just too damn comfortable. I did try to see it from my balcony but the buildings were too tall and covered it lol.

Anyways I should mention how it’s interesting they clean their streets daily. I even spotted cleaners cleaning the bus stop windows! I like it and Sydney should adopt this.

I took a bus straight to this 1km long beach called Platja de La Malva-Rosa. Bus tickets only costs €1.50 one way and it doesn’t matter how long the journey is. It was easy to get and off, and the bus driver was so nice.

By the time I arrived it was around 11am, which was perfect for my first ever meal! I finally got to try their paella which is what this city is most known for as well as their orange cocktail (oranges, cava, vodka and gin). Super strong and I had the option of choosing either 500mL or 1L. I was so tempted on the latter because it’s good value for money, but thank goodness I didn’t because a few sips already made me woozy.

The paella was delicious as this is made with chicken, rabbit, green beans and this white bean called garrafo! It’s their traditional paella which doesn’t consist of seafood and it tastes amazing! I’m glad they allowed me to order it because usually it’s minimum 2 people to order this dish.

I spent quite a while there and I was in a literal food coma.

I’m thinking about whether I should have another paella before I leave…there’s just so much to eat but not enough space in my stomach!

This paella has seriously filled me up to the tee as nearly 12 hours later, I’m not peckish. Perhaps no food for dinner tonight? I can’t seriously force myself to eat because then I’ll get sick.

I spent the rest of my evening doing a bit of window shopping. Shops don’t close till 9:30pm-10pm which is amazing because I can casually stroll around. There’s this dress which I adore from Zara but the queue to purchase was just too long for one dress.

Either I’ll seek it out in Madrid or when I’m back in Barcelona because I purposely left that day as my shopping day!

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