Day 7: Valencia walks

Can’t believe it’s been a week! Time flies by so quickly and I didn’t even realise it’s a Sunday! So much has been happening as there was a flea market, Sunday sermons and even a traditional street performance! I’m so lucky to be here at this time because I do appreciate being privy to such culture.

Having brunch here was worth it since I got to enjoy such entertainment in peace. I ordered a crepe which had a fantastic cheese pull! Quite a generous portion which took me quite a while to finish.

I then walked around until I got to Torres de Serrano. It was free entry to reach the top and get a refreshing view of the city. From here, you can still hear the ringing of the bells that indicate a new hour has arrived. I really like that because it was a good alarm for me this morning to get out of bed (not that I did).

After taking some photo ops, I made my way down this huge park which stretches over a few kms! I don’t know the name of this park because they have a quite a few names for the different sections. But it’s a chill way to take in the sites and watch the children play soccer matches.

Seeing many locals jogging here made me tempted to go back and change into my running gear. I do miss jogging but I’ve been walking around so much as well.

My purpose to walk along this path was to head towards this supposedly amazing architecture called Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencles. On my way, I made some detours to the museum which houses amazing portraits and arts by Valencians from the 17th century!

This took up the bulk of my day as I was just strolling along the path. I even saw locals doing aerial silks which made me miss my aerial yoga. Might do it when I get back!

It was such a lovely stroll but definitely had to get a siesta. My parents would think I’m so lazy as my daily routine is just eating, drinking and siestas. But I am using a lot of energy to just roam around in a leisurely way. Plus, always have to be “on” and street smart.

Staying here makes me miss Barcelona and it’s nightlife because I had friends there. The vibe is also a bit different. I still have yet to meet anyone here – it’s a bit weird to be having meals and drinks by myself. Nevertheless, I do relish having such solitude because it has been a while. I guess, staying here in Valencia is allowing me to refresh and be less crazy haha!

But tonight is the first night since I’ve left Australia that I have returned to my accomodation at night. Usually I’m back in the early hours of the morning. I guess it’s my body telling me I need to rest more or else it’ll be detrimental to my health. So freaking tired but still loving Spain!

Maybe I should move to Spain? I honestly love the lifestyle! Would be to Barcelona as that’s the city I’m more in tune with so far haha.

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