The Galston Club @ Arcadia

Stumbled here by chance after our long 3 hour long fire-trail hike to Calabash Point where we saw the Fretus Hotel Ruins. As such, we were famished and wanted a good feed before we go home and rest.

Pub food has always been one of my faves places to dine at because you get an assortment of beers, and homey food that satisfies you from the inside.

There is a variety of Western and Chinese cuisines served at this pub which is a nice fusion, satisfying many tastebuds.

One of them is this delectable sweet and sour fish. It’s a chef’s special which is not on their usual menu. Usually you would get sweet and sour pork at Chinese restaurants, so having it with fish was a first. I love how the batter is not overly thick and the sauce complemented it very well. Well, nothing can ever go bad with sweet and sour.

The Fisherman’s basket was generous in serving and hard to finish, serving prawn cutlets, calamari rings, crab claws, chips, scallops, fish cocktail and their tartare sauce.

But a dish I enjoyed thoroughly was their steak which was cooked medium-rare. Kudos to the chef who did this perfectly. I got the extra mushroom sauce which had pieces of mushrooms in it. Even their mash was smooth, creamy and yum. I love a good mash especially since it has been a long while since I last had a mouth-watering one.

This place also accept Dine & Discover vouchers which is a bonus too!

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