Old Garden Sydney @ CBD

I don’t often go up to this side of the city for food but I was intrigued when my friend sent me a post displaying these delicious goodness. I’m not a person who actively dives into sweets but I am an ice-cream fan and I do like Korean desserts.

It is not often I have bingsoo and toast for dessert because it is not widely available here in Sydney. So I had high expectations because you can’t do bingsoo wrong.

It was a Saturday night when we popped up after dinner and we were lucky to get seats without any reservations. It did get a bit busy later on in the night but I’m just glad there wasn’t a queue when we came in.

There is a lot going on in terms of the decorations and overall ambience in this cafe. There’s a flower wall on one side, a vintage bicycle hanging up on the other side and other eccentric items.

While it was a mix and match, it didn’t seem uncomfortable. In fact, it is a great place to hang out for a while and converse with your mates.

The menu was only double-sided but boasts various flavours of toast, waffles, bingsoo and even their drinks. I chose to get a matcha bingsoo which has red bean paste, cornflakes and mochi. $17.9 for this is basically a rip off as there was only a tiny spoon of red beats paste and one mochi at the top. And I honestly did not know what the cornflakes were doing here. Definitely did not mesh well with me.

The choco monster bingsoo was one I did not try nor did I have any interest in. The feedback I received was that it is packed with chocolate. I think that’s quite positive because it is a choco monster. Perfect for kids I would say haha.

On the other hand, this toast was the winner of the night. Having it drenched in maple syrup made it quite delectable and I do love chocolate ice cream. They also decorated it with ferrero rochers which is my fave chocolate ever! I would come back for this because it was done very well.

But $17.9? Perhaps after drinks to sober up with the sweetness of the toast.

Old Garden Kaffee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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