[Review] Miss the Dragon 遇龙 – 2021 CDrama

Miss The Dragon Chinese Drama - C-Drama Love - Show Summary

A drama I spent my mornings watching over is 遇龙 which popped up on my YouTube feed. I think the algorithm understood my inner desire to watch a new Chinese drama, in particularly historical ones. I’ve never seen one which involves a mystical dragon and seeing that Dylan Wang is in this, I wasted no time to get started.

Web Drama: Miss the Dragon | ChineseDrama.info

Pictured left: Our OTP

It’s a show that requires patience, love and tender as we admire the diligence displayed by the couples, in particularly by Dylan Wang, who must wait for the right time for them to be together.

Things like fate, god and the mortal world are such obstacles that this couple must withstand.

I love how we see our main protagonist reincarnate into different versions of herself, showcasing Zhu Xudan’s versatility in playing various roles: girly, brave, courageous and innocent.

Yet, it leads to fans wishing for a true pairing like this in real life.

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