[Review] The Matrix Resurrections 2021

Came out today in Australia. Had to watch it today. And I just did.

The Matrix Resurrections (2021) - IMDb

This film is the continuation of the trilogy which was last released in 2003.

That is 18 years ago!

Super crazy at how time flies.

To be honest, as soon as I knew the fourth instalment was coming out, I binged all three on Netflix.

The Matrix Resurrections, as its name suggests, is definitely the resurrection of our beloved characters: Neo, Trinity, Morpheus and those who love Mr Smith (not me).

I really like how he kept his John Wick hair and how Trinity is still the badass she is.

I was initially confused at the start of the film because I thought it was like a remake but it wasn’t. It was a nice touch to bring back all those memories as it also brought back memories for the fans. While the new characters were just a build-up to Neo, I really didn’t like them at first because it just seemed like a Matrix hacker copycat of our originals in the early 2000s. But that’s probably because I like the originals and don’t like remakes.

That isn’t to say that this film is horrible, oh no! I quite enjoyed it after Neo discovers who he really is.

I love how we were placed in his position in being confused as to whether he is in his true reality or not. Like weren’t there holes in his body to place plugs in? What happened to that? But wait, that’s when you have to continue to watch and realise that not all is what it seems.

It is so clever in how they directed this movie to complement the advanced technology in the 21st century. Love it! It’s a great Resurrection (no pun intended) and this couple makes me believe how love definitely conquers all.

But the ending. Perhaps a rainbow sky would’ve sufficed (you need to see it to understand XD).

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