Mr Chen Beef Noodle @ Haymarket

This is a place where I would never get sick coming to. I’ve been here a couple of times, each time bringing a few of my friends to check out this place. It does feel your heart with warmth knowing that other people also share the same appetite and appreciation of good food. Truly wholesome.

I was lucky to be able to come back post-lockdown to sink my teeth into these delicious goodness again. Thank goodness I booked ahead because there was a queue AND usually they wouldn’t take bookings pre-lockdown. But I guess their policy has changed and I’m kind of glad it did because I would always have to wait before. Now I don’t ✌️

It’s cash only for under $30 and eftpos is accepted if you exceed. They menu boasts a huge variety of noodles, rice, dumplings and stir fry edibles. If you do come here, I would head straight for their dumplings then choosing the other dishes.

I basically came here for the dumplings because it’s so hard to get good ones unless I visit my parents. I honestly love how they make it fresh on the day and the skin isn’t too thick. We still get the delicious goodness of the meat and the broth from the 小笼包 which not many other chefs do well. Plus. the chilli oil. What else can I say? Magnifico!

A dish I did try for the first time here are these sweet pancakes. They are sweet but I do love mixing my sweet and savoury dishes. It also has its uses in soaking up the oil from the fried noodles. Crunchy vegetables with the added marinated beef was such a nice way to end this feast.

If only we could order more but sadly, my stomach capacity has reduced. That means, next time!

Mr Chen Beef Noodle Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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