Sushi Izakaya Nara @ North Narrabeen

A small restaurant situated on Pittwater Rd, opposite the lake. I honestly didn’t expect to come here despite the recommendations because honestly, I don’t think it’ll wow me.

But I have been craving sashimi for a long time and haven’t been able to have it during lockdown. And so, I decided to fill my urges and walk in. It doesn’t hurt to try and at least I will know whether it’s good to go back to or not.

They offer a lot of options from sashimi, nigiri, udon and even gyoza. I have to say though, the prices did scare me a bit though I was aware that it would be pricey compared to what I was used to paying.

It’s due to the location but if they are serving quality food, then I’ll still be happy.

All the dishes didn’t arrive at the same time which was a bit disappointing as they came out quite slowly, right after we finished a dish. And I’m sure you can guess that the last one was the spider roll because they had too fry up the soft shell crab.

One of the best dishes we’ve ordered for the night has got to be the Wagyu Beef Tataki. It was seared so perfectly well and that ginger vinaigrette was exquisite! I love how they added the greens into it and it just all meshes so perfectly well – wow I’m repeating my words!

I also enjoyed having the spider roll because I adore soft shell crabs. You can never go wrong with it! It’s the perfect amount of sauce, rice and all the other ingredient combined. Would’ve been nice for this one to come out first so that the spiciness could be refreshed with the sashimi and the tataki.

Anyways, the one I didn’t enjoy too much (yet the one I looked forward to the most) was the $15 sashimi. It was salmon and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just the price. $15 for seven pieces is a bit of a rip off to me.

One thing I’ve realised when I’m here is that the people don’t really travel out of this Northern Beaches bubble. It’s funny but I can also get it. A lot of Sydneysiders travel here to the beach for a holiday so basically the locals have no reason to leave? Except food though as I honestly would not go out of my way to eat here unless I have nothing else and am starving.

I still haven’t found a good Japanese place here which I would recommend to my friends because quite frankly, there’s better quality food with affordable prices outside of this bubble.

SUSHI Izakaya NARA Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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