Late Night Table 야식탁 @ North Strathfield

An intimate dining experience in which they have separate areas for reservations and walk-ins. Those who walk-in are seated outside. And that’s what happened with us. I didn’t mind it as we were able to grab a table quite quickly around 6.30pm on a Friday night. We were lucky as more and more patrons were queuing right after we went in. They didn’t have a time limit for diners and so we were there for around 3 hours.

I wonder if that was allowed but I was just happy they didn’t kick us out.

Being there for so long says a lot about the ambience of the place as well as how comfortable we were. This place grabbed our attention with their honeycomb maekgeolli. Not only that, its aesthetic was quite pleasing if you stalk their instagram page. It is frequented by a lot of Koreans in which my other friends provided rave reviews of their foods.

They brought out their honeycomb ($5 each) from their box and cut it up into strips for each of our cups. We had the option to choose from three maekgeollis in which we got Jangsoo maekgeolli ($13).

It looks so pretty and I loved the infused flavour of both ingredients together in this tiny cup.

It has actually provided me inspiration to add honey to my own maekgeolli for when I get home since I’ve purchased a few bottles the other day.

It’s a nice type of sweetness but not what I would get again when I come here as I think $5 is a bit too much for this honey.

Mind you, we already had dinner at another restaurant before we came here. Yet, it felt empty to have drinks without some snacks. We noticed they had this dish of assorted jeon ($30) which is basically Korean pancakes. I love their pancakes as they use vegetables, seafood and meat. I was surprised to see that they even made the perilla leaves into a jeon because I never had that before!

I love these leaves for their flavoursome aroma and would use it to wrap up my meats at KBBQs. While this place doesn’t come with the usual side dishes (which we’re not complaining about because we ate our fill at the place before), they did provide us with the savoury dipping sauce, marinated onions and these chives. All of them went very well with the jeon as it intensifies the flavour.

A very healthy snack I must say so myself.

I have to add that I love their minimalist decor and how they designed the place. Even the simplicity of the logo by using the Chinese character of “night” 夜 in their storefront was a nice touch. A mix of traditional with modern, and with a strong focus of flavours.

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