Sydney Lockdown Day 80

A total sunny weather which already states its going to be a beautiful and fruitful day. And it was definitely that as I had a special delivery today from mum this morning. Even though she has the right to visit me, she didn’t have enough time to stay longer as she had to go to work. But I’m thankful she came and she even brought some homemade goodies for me 😍

One of these goodies involved her delicious curry puff in which she made every single thing from scratch! Including the pastry!

I love it and I didn’t even need or desired any additional sauce! It was that flavourful and part of me was glad I wasn’t home because I wouldn’t be able to stop eating.

I had it with my usual brunch meal, but this time, no avocado as I wasn’t too bothered to cut open a new one.

I honestly love how I can just microwave a whisked egg so easily and it comes out beautiful!

Less washing too! I’m a person who’s all about efficiency and doing less dishes hehe.

I was surprised that the sunny weather kept up well into the afternoon. And I could go for my walk! It was cold though as the wind was quite gusty but at least I finally got my steps in.

To end my night, I started catching up on all the kdramas I’ve missed to take a break from Money Heist. I’ve caught up to High Class and Lovers of the Red Sky in which they’re definitely the most intriguing to watch atm.

2 thoughts on “Sydney Lockdown Day 80

  1. Thanks! And I totally agree! Definitely won’t eradicate the virus but as long as we’re all vaccinated, a near normal life can resume 😍


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