Sydney Lockdown Day 72

Understanding the restrictions here in Sydney is not always clear like yin and yang. Even their website can be a tad confusing but I think I got my confirmation that my nominated single bubble person doesn’t have to reside in the same LGA as me. This is great news because now my mum can visit me and help me move more of my clothes here lol.

It’s one of the major reasons why I honestly had to put a pause on my online shopping for new outfits because I still have a lot more at my parents…even my shoes.

I jest. I’m currently shopping and I have too much stuff in my cart. Far out. I don’t need this.

And then we get bombarded with news like our PM having an exemption to travel to his family for Father’s Day without having to quarantine like other citizens. Clearly he’s a PM who can’t read the room and loves to travel whenever the country he’s in charge of gets in a crisis. It’s so disheartening to see headlines like this because there’s thousands of Australia’s that are stranded overseas and can’t even fly here.

Not only that, I can’t even drive to see my family because we’re in LGAs. Even the single bubble won’t work as only one of them can come visit me since I live alone. Definitely not fit for the job. Why did he even take it in the first place?

It’s utterly disappointing.

Anyways, today was a day that was packed with meetings. It was quite full on as I also managed to finish marking an entire class ahead of schedule. So that is now officially two classes down, and two more to go. I like the pace I’ve been taking as I didn’t want to overwork myself nor use my own personal time for marking – and I want to keep it that way.

If I continued down this road, I think I can finish all the marking before holidays begin which means I have the whole fortnight to do what I want. Like I was telling my friend yesterday, we don’t know how else to spend our holidays except face-timing and netflix. Maybe I can get back into my painting again since I haven’t really touched it since last holidays.

Perhaps it might be a good time to get into the stock market and invest. I’m seeing all these information popping up over my socials about investing but it is such a high-risk market. I’m not really the type of person who takes risk and would only do so if I research dutifully, which I haven’t.

I made a very easy meal to start my day with last night’s marinated chicken which I didn’t get to finish because I was super full.

I totally forgot about it until I saw it in my air fryer because I was just about to pop in a pie.

But seeing this was enlightening because it meant that preparing for my meal can be as quick as under 5mins. I just had to chop up the tomatoes, camembert and avocado…voila!

Meal done. And I have to add, quite tasty because that marinade was just exquisite. I think I might’ve added honey with orange juice for it.

So while I didn’t step a foot outside of my place today, I did quite a few exercises in the comfort of my own home. Chloe Ting’s workout is such a blast and I honestly thought I would’ve given up by now. But I haven’t. And I don’t want to. I think I’ve been doing her workouts for a month now! Not everyday, but at least twice a week and walking in between.

It’s like having a gym membership all over again, except that it’s free.

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