Sydney Lockdown Day 67

Even though I got at least eight hours of sleep, I still woke up quite tired.

My eyes didn’t even want to open and even now as I’m typing, I don’t even want to look at my screen as I’m staring at my ceiling and random objects in my house.

Even the 11am meeting didn’t do much to wake me up entirely.

But what did boost me up was food.

Food always have these special endorphins that make you happy. I made a simple salad with Greek feta and air fried this meat pie which has been sitting my freezer for this lazy day.

Wholesome start to the day and it gave me a boost of energy to power through my marking and finish an exercise routine.

I’m honestly taking the marking at a moderate pace so as to not overwork myself. I vote for a stress-free life as we don’t need added stress especially since we’re in lockdown. Not worth it.

I honestly love having yoghurt and I think I’m on a strawberry overload as there’s strawberries on everything. In fact, I’m planning on buying more berries tomorrow since the Friday markets will be on. I’m 75% determined to go there since it will be another sunny day before the wet weather drenches the weekend. It will be another good excuse to leave the house though I’m sure I’ll go for another walk after school as I won’t have a chance to do it on the weekend.

Dinner was quick and easy as I used an air fryer to cook my steak which was seasoned with this Shaker Fries Charcoal Chicken seasoning I bought the other day. Honestly not bad. I also made some ricotta pasta with spinach and extra parmesan cheese to go with it.

I also started reading this new text recommended by my friend titled White Tears/Brown Scars: How White Feminism Betrays Women of Colour. Since young till now, I’ve never thought of myself as a woman of colour because why are we even dividing women themselves into different groups? I know that has happened for a long time especially with classism but for race, it’s absurd.

It honestly widens your eyes as to how this has been existing for such a long time, even long before I was born. We grew up thinking such division was normal and it has been unfortunately normalised. Only now as an adult do I understand how dangerous it was and how we are actually being gaslighted. While it is only recently that women of colour are dominating the big screens, it sucks that it is only a small improvement.

But how can we make this change more prominent? I guess the change is already undergoing in my current generation as we know all this and have been fighting for equality for all races. Only movies and TV shows that are targeted towards our generation are diversified and represent Asian women as who they are – normal women in everyday life.

So I guess it’s safe to say that the outdated visions from old white people are the ones that need to step aside and educate themselves about humanity.

Plus, we also need to change the conversation from saying “Aren’t women supposed to be this” to “Women can definitely play whatever roles they want”. Women should work with each other to bring each other up, not divide them up. Plus, it’s the same saying for all humans. Let us just work together to make this world a better and equitable place for everyone to live in safely, comfortably and happily.

I haven’t finished this text yet but that’s just my opinion.

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