Sydney Lockdown Day 48

A total lazy morning as I stayed in bed catching up on dramas again. It’s the only time I can watch it while I’m not tired. I honestly love Saturdays because I don’t think about anything else except for my own needs. By the time I got up, I was starving so I made a quick breakfast while watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Season 8, the final season, is finally out and already we’ve been struck with a lot of changes regarding Rosa and Raymond 😦

I love this show and I’m going to miss it once I finish this season. And speaking of another show I’ll miss, it’ll be Queen of the South. I finished watching their last season today and it’s such a resolute ending as she’s finally getting what she wanted – freedom.

Besides watching these shows, I spent my afternoon cleaning parts of my house that doesn’t necessarily get cleaned regularly. The walls are clean. The ceilings are clean. And my windows are clean. It was a mammoth task but having pumping music does help the time goes by and make my arms work faster.

I’m glad I didn’t go out today otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten so much done. I even watered my dehydrated plants and vacuumed! Maybe that’s why I’ve been so hungry the entire day because I used up a lot of energy.

I’ve snacked when I wouldn’t normally do so. I guess having chips in the house doesn’t help. I’ve also been going through feta cheese like water because that shit is amazing.

My evening today mainly included hanging out with friends (online) as we catch up since our last meet-up, rewatching old movies like Blade and cleaning up broken glasses because stupid me broke another one yet again.

Now I’ve vacuumed my house twice! At least it’s spotless.

I even searched up whether breaking glasses in your house accidentally is bad luck and apparently it’s not. I’ve broke two glasses in a span of a week so perhaps two forms of good luck will be coming my way?

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