2021 Sydney Lockdown Day 11

I think my pleas has actually been heard as I woke up before 9am today! I didn’t get out of bed until an hour later, but hey! At least I’m out of bed before noon. I’m feeling quite positive and proud of my own strong-will since I am able to wake up early again!

I packed away my clean laundry and resolved to wash my bedsheets. It’s a bit cloudy today and the sun is not as visible as I would’ve liked. But once my bedsheets are done in the washing machine, it can enjoy its time against the natural air.

Lockdown has been extended for another week and you might’ve already tell that I’m quite excited about it.

I went through online teaching twice already, so this third time should be a charm. I’ve already thought of lessons in my head but am just waiting for the final confirmation on how we are going to approach this as a faculty from my head teacher (since it’s a new school).

So…while I had a positive start to my morning, a friend brought light to me a devastating attack that happened on Australian soil. Underaged teenagers…Indigenous Australian teenagers…led a gang attack and robbery on three innocent Vietnamese students. There has been many comments on how this ‘gang’ has been verbally assaulting and also making racist remarks against Asian people in QLD.

This very incident that caught my attention happened in Inala, QLD. Never heard of that place and from the comments section, it seems bad news.

I’m posting these to name and shame those involved in this horrendous attack. They clearly show no remorse, and their parents weren’t helpful in that department as well. It’s sad how human beings can turn out for the worse and it is a huge mind opener as to how Australia isn’t immune to racism.

How can teenagers laugh and find kicking people so fun? How can teenagers find the nerve to assault people in a public space? How can teenagers think they are so cool by filming this atrocity?

Thanks to social media, it wasn’t too hard to find them. Clearly, they didn’t seek this type of publicity as they deleted their instagram accounts. Their TikToks are still live…for now.

Main thing is, our justice system needs to be altered to punish underaged ‘humans’. If they don’t get disciplined, how will they learn? It’s a pity this came out during Naidoc Week as I know not all Indigenous Australians are like them. But it is a racist attack. They are bringing shame to their culture. They are bringing shame to the Australians. They are bringing shame to humanity.

Taeleigh Dodd, Savannah Edwards, Zyisha Wells, Koorie Hamilton, Tahlia Jane Winters, Nikiyiah Winters and Tarnae Oner – grow up and take responsibility for your actions. Don’t be a coward.

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