2021 Sydney Lockdown Day 10

Woke up in the afternoon again – this is dangerously becoming a habit. I think I should go to bed earlier and stop binging shows which shouldn’t be a problem as I finished all four seasons of Queen of the South. I’m just “patiently” waiting for the fifth to be put on Netflix as they’ve already aired it in the US.

Why are they taking so long?!?!?!

It was 14 degrees by the time I got out of the house yet I’m glad there was no rain but sun ☀️. The crowdedness at my local park has decreased which I’m glad because it’s easier for social distancing. However, there’s still ignorant people having a picnic by the lake and they even bought their own chairs.

I haven’t been up-to-date with the numbers for covid but I’ve been hearing that it has increased. I’m honestly not even surprised.

I love how everyone outside of Australia says that we’re all about mateship but where is this mateship? If people don’t care about each other, and just selfishly disobey the rules that have been out in place to protect us, it is not mateship. It’s selfishness.

Anyways, I resumed my painting today and boy, this is taking longer than I’ve realised. I don’t think I can even finish it this holidays … painting the orange bit of the flower took around 40mins!

It’s the details and trying to paint within the lines that’s making me take my time. But its therapeutic. It is calming. It is relaxing.

You honestly don’t realise how time passes by while you’re painting this. I actually prefer painting this while listening to some banging music than sipping & painting.

I’m thinking about whether I should do a second coat of the background before I finish the flowers, or just do an overall second coat for everything once I’m done. There are still some tiny white spots which are annoying me hence my pondering.

Maybe I might do it before I go to bed….hmmmm.

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