2021 Sydney Lockdown Day 8

A week has passed by, and only one more week to go before the end of lockdown, and for me to return to work. There has been rumours that the lockdown will extend when school reopens, and honestly, I’m hoping these rumours are true. I don’t mind working from home in order to keep the numbers contained and I do want to work in my kitchen again haha.

It was a late start to my morning as I woke up later than usual as I was so into Queen of the South – already in the midst of S2! But, I didn’t want to waste my entire day watching dramas especially with the sun being out.

I decided it was time for me to enjoy the garden which is overlooking the huge lake as I never did so before. And what better way to do that than via painting? I already purchased the artwork a few days ago a Kmart and decided to finally start.

Initially I thought I could get it all done by today, but I underestimated how time-consuming painting is especially when you try to get the details.

It took me around 4 hours to get it to the stage it’s currently in (pictured top right). 2 hours to finish the pink background which is in two different shades. I had to stop because it was getting too cold to stay outside and the sun was about to set. I didn’t mind it though as I know tomorrow will still be sunny and I can still enjoy the garden.

It was nice catching up with my friend while we painted together. Basically a cheaper ‘sip and paint’ version but fun!

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