2021 Sydney Lockdown Day 3

It’s going to be a rainy week which means going outside is not advised, by me anyways. I was actually woken up by the loud rain around 6am but managed to fall asleep for another two hours. Oh well, guess I can’t go out for a walk, or even a like jog.

I did a bit of weight exercises yesterday using whatever items I can find in my house because I don’t own any gym equipment. Maybe I should buy a resistant band or something. I actually contemplated on buying a skipping rope but thank goodness I didn’t, because that’s an outdoor thing, and I like staying inside.

(L) Brunch: Salmon with avo, bocconcini, tomatoes, olives, spinach & balsamic vinegar
(R) Blockudoku: my highest score so far

I had a better sleep quality of 91% – this is what I like to wake up to. And it impacts your mood for the day because I was seriously lethargic around 8pm last night. Now I feel like I have more energy and the brainpower to do some intellectual work – teacher things.

I have to say though, I’m currently obsessed with this game Blockudoku and am trying to beat my friend’s high score of over 4000. I’m definitely creeping closer to it but this is so bad for your eyes as I’m not giving them any rest!

Anyways, I was feeling quite hungry after playing games so I decided to use my air fryer to cook my salmon with a side of salad so I can finish my bocconcini as it was the last one left. It was yum and I couldn’t even finish that entire half of the avo so I’m saving that last bite for later hehe.

I have to say I was quite productive today even though I didn’t step one foot out of the house. The rain just wouldn’t stop, and when it did, the pouring came blasting down again. And I wanted to take my rubbish out lol. Anyways, going back to how I was productive, I created practice trial exams for my advanced students since the exam period will begin as soon as they’re back at school. I’m so considerate aren’t I?

It was quite a chill day as I worked on my mac and didn’t get distracted by dramas! Honestly, listening to music from ‘back in the kpop days’ helped a lot. I miss Big Bang and want them to come back.

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