Air Abb @ Haymarket

I honestly though we could try both between us but no. Doesn’t matter because I was mainly here for hot pot anyways, and it was a cold and windy night 🥶

This place was honestly hard to get into! I mean, it’s confusing when there’s another Thai restaurant called Air Abb and is located right opposite this place!

Safe to say, I was confused and booked for the wrong place one weekend and when we realised, we couldn’t get a table unless we wait around 2hours.

So, this time I made sure I booked for the right place and we finally got seated in! We had high expectations considering the obstacles we faced and knowing that it’s quite popular!

This is an all-you-can-eat Thai BBQ & Hotpot place. Mind you, you can only choose to have either hot pot or BBQ to share between a pair. So there’s two pairs, you can have both. Make sense?

So, it is basically $35 per person and we didn’t pay anything extra on top of this! Not bad right? But they do charge a hefty $20 per person for leftover food.

It includes drinks (we are terribly sweet – I recommend the chrysanthemum) and even selection of wagyu meats.

If you’re after the fried food, we only tried the ebi, chicken karaage and gyoza. Only the ebi was good – the rest were cold 😦

screenshot from their website

Basically, for hot pots, we can choose up to two flavours in which we chose ‘Sichuan Mala’ and ‘Sukiyaki Shoyu’. Pay in mind that this is a thai restaurant so the flavours will not be what you’re used to. I found the sukiyaki too salty so I stuck with mala. I’m just glad for their signature sauce which made the ingredients taste better!

We were smart to not order any carbs as we wanted to fill our stomach with meat! I like how they stacked the plates of meat (see the photos) to help save space on the table. Smart!

So, for the price, it’s such a great deal especially if you want to use your dine & discover vouchers – basically slashing this down to $10! However, it’s not a place I would purposely seek out again. I’m glad I tried it because now there’s no regrets. But, I definitely prefer my usual Chinese hotpot as the sauces and soup flavours are intensely better!

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