Gogijib @ Eastwood

When I first saw this place, I was immediately reminded of Itaewon Class due to its posters of my fave characters. I wonder if they’re allowed to do this lol.

It is only due to these posters that made me want to try this place. Usually I would’ve already had a go-to place but there is no harm in trying new places, especially for KBBQ.

But also, I wanted to use the Dine vouchers which NSW residents get! We have two $25 vouches to spend on any participating restaurants by 30th June, and this is one of the places I can use it.

So, definitely a perfect place to kill two birds with one stone as I can satisfy my curiosity, and make use of those vouchers.

This place is located upstairs on Hillview Rd so get those legs pumping!

Once there, you get to be seated next to your menu which is on a tablet. They have quite a number of options for BBQ meat and I was excited to try it. We could’ve chosen one of their four sets for the BBQ, but decided to order some dishes separately as we also wanted to get hot pot. And thus, we ordered ‘Ox Tongue’ ($18), ‘Wagyu Rib Finger’ ($28) and ‘Pork Intestine’ ($20).

Succulent rib fingers on the hot plate

The meat was so-so which was disappointing because this restaurant is literally named as ‘Meat House’. Yet, their meat wasn’t that flavoursome. They also didn’t clean the pork intestine properly because it stinks quite a bit. I’ve had pork intestines at other KBBQ places before and the smell wasn’t as potent as this.

We also got ‘Pork & Kimchi’ hotpot ($48) which I didn’t get a picture of. It was huge and hard to finish especially with all the dishes we got. Plus, the kimchi wasn’t fermented enough. Maybe we shouldn’t have ordered this lol.

The seafood pancake, as you can see below, is not as crispy as I would’ve liked. I think it may’ve been hard for them to cook it through because it was a bit doughy inside. We resorted to putting it on the BBQ to cook it more and make it crispier.

Seafood pancake $22

Overall, not a bad atmosphere and service was prompt & reliable. However, not topping my list for KBBQ. If you just walk to the other side of the station, Korean side, there are better places including Jongja Jip.

Gogijib Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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