Yang Guo Fu Malatang @ Sussex St, CBD

I am definitely no stranger to this store nor would I ever sever ties with this because of their BROTH!

I’ll admit, when I first tasted this broth in Burwood, I didn’t get what the fuss was about. But I found myself thinking about the gorgeous yet numbing broth.

It’s addicting and a lot of my friends are definitely into it.

It’s basically a hot pot as you get to pick your ingredients out of the selection of meat, veggies, seafood, noodles, etc.

Once you’ve chosen everything, you just pay for the weight of the ingredients at the counter, and they’ll cook it for you! (My tip is to avoid putting a lot of fishballs as they weigh a lot, add more meat instead!)

Once your order is cooked, your buzzer will ring and then you get to choose the spice level and the condiments you want to include.

I’m always the original spicy but sometimes challenge myself with the medium. I always ask for all the condiments which includes sugar, black Chinese vinegar, garlic sauce, sesame paste & Chinese pepper oil.

I’ve also noticed on my recent trip to their CBD store at Sussex St is the addition of the sauce and condiments station.

We can now add scallions, fried onions and even more sauces to our liking! Truly like this and they even provide mini bowls to add these condiments in.

Now that it is getting really cold here in Sydney, this broth definitely warms you up from the inside out! But that doesn’t mean I stop eating it during the summer because that’s not an excuse for me XD.

There are so many Malatang shops out there but I’ve only tried this one because it is rated the best. I have had friends who tried other brands, but would always prefer this one. To know if you’re in the right one, just make sure their bowls are red 😍

They have many branches around Sydney including my faves: Eastwood, Chatswood and CBD!

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