Pepper Lunch @ CBD

I think it has been over 15 years since I last stepped foot into this place. Too long. I wonder why?

The food is definitely good but I guess its because I was always trying new places and didn’t have time to go back to this.

This time, it has changed…slightly. Instead of ordering at the counter, we have touch screens to choose our meals from. Albeit, a bit confusing and slow, it’s good for introverted people like me. We then take a random order number and scan our meal purchase with it before sitting down.

Kimchi Beef $14.40

It didn’t take too long for our sizzling plates to arrive. But when it did, I noticed that it wasn’t presented like how it was before. Previously there would be this round paper wrapper that warned us about the heat and also perhaps stopped the oil from splattering onto us. This time, there was none. I kind of missed that because there’s that novelty of removing this wrapper before we eat.

I think that’s just it. It’s the childhood memories that make it for me. But that isn’t to say I wouldn’t come back. It’s one of the most affordable places out there and you know you’ll always have a satisfied stomach 🙂


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