Week at a glance – meals edition

Living alone has its perks and one of them is eating whatever the heck you want, when you want. I have the liberty to stock up my fridge and pantry as much or little as I would like without caring what other people think. I can cook whenever I want, and I will often make my lunch for work just before I head to bed anyways.

I’m honestly quite proud of myself with the meals I’ve been having because unlike what others think, I haven’t been having instant noodles nor any microwaveable meals ✌️ I made potato baked pasta coated with cheese in the oven, also made some BBQ pork ribs from the air fryer and pan fried salmon.

I think the necessary kitchen appliances to have is definitely 1. air fryer and 2. sandwich press.
It is with these two items that I can make a variety of easy home meals without taking a lot of time out of my day.

Nowadays I’m mainly having two meals a day in which my first will be considered a brunch, and the latter, my dinner. For my brunch, I’ll always use the sandwich press at work to heat up my wrap.

I’ve been making those infamous tiktok wraps because they’re super easy to fold and its not messy! I’ll always add salad leaves, cheeses, tomatoes, beetroots and change up the protein everyday.

One day I’ll add my leftover chicken, or just air fry some fishes, or even add smoked salmon.

I buy my salad leaves from Aldi in which you can just buy a huge packet to last you for a week. This is like my staple and I’ll add other veggies or fruits or even feta to mix it up a bit. The other day I saw this beautiful burrata cheese and added it to my salad with balsamic vinegar.

Using the air fryer to cook a lot of my protein is super easy. I never made ribs before but Google definitely helped a lot. I just popped it in the air fryer and just when its about done, I coated the ribs with hickory sauce and voila! Easy meal! Easily eaten!

After my day at the beach or just walking around the lake, I’ll have yoghurt with oats and fruits. Nectarines are in season and I love them. I play around with different types of yoghurt such as coconut based yoghurt or just some flavoured ones from Woolies. Adding that together with some crunchy oats makes it a perfect snack or even a breakfast staple. Plus, if I’m feeling extra fancy, I just add some brie cheese to top it all off!

So, basically I’m surviving pretty well myself by eating well and trying out different types of meals. I always viewed cooking as a tiring and tedious process, but this has actually made me appreciative of what I put inside my body. I actually don’t like to go out too much now to eat as I’m finding myself enjoying shopping for groceries, prepping my meals and eating them at home.

I hope I don’t become too much of a homebody lol.

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