Hunan Rice Noodles @ Eastwood

A small eatery located in the heart of Eastwood – Chinese side. I think its a new place because I swear there was a different shop here selling fried chicken. Anyways, we decided to head in because the dishes looks good and nothing can ever go wrong with noodles.

There was an array of various noodles dishes, from soup to dry, and from spicy to mild flavours. It reminded me a bit of Taiwan as they also sell some side dishes. The prices for these dishes are quite affordable and we were quite satisfied. I like how with the soup bases we get to choose the type of noodles we prefer. I’m a fan of noodles especially the thick cut ones so its no brainer that I got those.

Between the two of us, we also ordered a side dish of pig ears – YUM! It was cooked quite well but we didn’t know it was going to kick us with the chilli. Personally, I quite enjoyed it because there was that bit of crunch, but it was too much chilli for the both of us. If you’re a chilli lover, then I would recommend you to order this.

The tomato broth was quite flavoursome and it didn’t feel heavy. I like how they added cabbage to to intensify the soup and there was plentiful of tenderised pork ribs. You can bite into the soft bones which gives you a bit of crunch.

The pork bone broth (far right) was more subtle but it has a generous serve of cooked pork. They even provide you with a plate and gloves to eat it more cleanly. Kudos to them!

I honestly want to come back here to try their other dishes, mainly their dry noodle dishes because they all look so appetising from the pictures. Plus, they have a lot more side dishes to choose from.

Hunan Rice Noodles Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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