Ever want something but scared at the same time?


This is my current feeling with tattoos. Before, it was helix piercings and I’m so glad I got them as they look freaking amazing!!! 😍😍

However, tattoos are different. There’s a stigma surrounding it and while I don’t care about social perceptions too much, I’m worried about the future.

What if I don’t like it anymore? It costs and pains too much to remove it!

There are lots and lots of designs to choose from and the downside is that you have to pay for shipping. But, if you do want to purchase some, I suggest you get a friend on board too so you can share the shipping costs and it won’t seem too extravagant. (I just hate paying for shipping in general because I rather use that money on the item itself lol.)

It’s easy to say “get something meaningful” and/or “get something you won’t regret”. But feelings do change. What was meaningful might not be meaningful in the future. I’m a dynamic person.

So, I usually scroll through instagram looking at tattoos inspo and there is always something I like but I’m never so sure. I do like putting on temporary tattoos and wanted to find something with colour because they’re so ethereal.

This led to my discovery – TATTIST. It’s easy to find them online and I love that they provide affordable temporary tattoos which has colour! These designs are created by professionals and I love the vibrancy of the colours!

I have gotten so many compliments from these two sets and there is more that I want to try! It’s a good way to see where you want your tattoos to be placed and what kind of style you prefer.

So far from these two sets, I realised I’m not only partial to small and dainty ones (pictured right). I also like bold colours, just like the lavender pictured above on the side of my wrist.

I also never thought I like moon-shaped tattoos and having it not filled in kind of intrigued me. So there are definitely benefits in getting these as you get to learn more about your own taste and style.

However, these are only temporary. So be careful about where you place them. The ones on my wrist got rubbed out faster than the ones on my ankle because I’m always hanging my phone strap on my wrist. Also, if you rub your skin hard with bath towel, some will come off.

But, the pros weigh a lot more than the cons. So, I’ll definitely be getting more!

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