Hukuya Sushi Bar @ Eastwood

This small sushi bar has always been packed with people and even during COVID-19; it seems business is still going alright even the endless deliveries and queues waiting outside.
It is located on the opposite corner of the Eastwood Train Station (Korean side) – you can’t miss it.

The menu boasts an array of various sushis made to order by experts at the bar as well as other well-known Japanese dishes including takoyaki, soba, tempura, etc.
It was a splendid night as everything went by quite smoothly. The service was swift and friendly which definitely adds to this comfortable dining service.

Deluxe Sushi and Sashimi Combination $45

We started off with this platter of sashimi and sushi. I love how they adorned this plate and what I didn’t get to capture here was the seared sushis at the end which had a nice charred flavour.
We also ordered takoyaki ($9), tempura soft shell crab ($20), udon and soba.

Pictured left is the unagi roll ($19 – 9 pieces) which I did not get a chance to eat because I was super full from the previous dishes.

Honestly, the food was alright, and I loved the cold soba sauce. However, I wasn’t wowed. Ever since I came back from Japan, I haven’t felt like eating Japanese food here in Sydney because the ingredients are not the same. Other than that, I feel like other places in Sydney offered better sushi than here.

Yes, they may serve thick cuts of sashimi but sorry, I won’t be coming back anytime soon.

Hukuya Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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