Embracing my curls

My hair when I was a kid was straight. And I loved it. It was nice and long, and so easy to style. I didn’t have any qualms.

Then came middle school and my hair was so thick. I started getting these curls and I hated it. I found myself tying my hair up all the time. If I didn’t, then it would look like an untamed lion’s mane. All my friends had tamed, straight hair and I was envious.

I would beg my mum to buy me a hair straightener and would schedule trips with salon to perm my hair straight, which made it dry and that was when I started having split ends. I actually loved my straight hair but hated how it was killing my hair at the same time.

This continued for so many years, including university and post-university. It wasn’t until late last year that I started to embrace my curls. I bought Marc Anthony’s Curl Lotion and it was the best thing ever!

I also watched so many videos about maintaining curly hair and I got to say…why the heck did no one introduce this to me earlier? All my life, everyone was like straight hair is good, straight hair is neater, straight hair makes life easier. But that’s not my hair. Just by straightening my hair, I was killing my hair.

I honestly never thought I would love my curly hair. It was just sexy. I didn’t even get my hair permed straight when I was at Korea because I was adamant to keep my natural hair!

I’m so glad I didn’t fall into temptation because my hair has so much volume and the curls are just out there. I have also gotten quite a few compliments on my hair, from men as well! It was funny that people thought I got it permed, or had it styled, but it was just air dry.

With that being said, my hair is softer. I still have some split ends (because I’m still dying my hair) but I’m hoping they will be eradicated since I’m no longer straightening it and putting heat on it.

Fingers crossed my hair will be healthier and more luscious!

But seriously, buy Marc Anthony’s Curl Lotion. It’s the best and super affordable!

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