Mr Chen Beef Noodles @ Haymarket

I was on FB when I came across a recommendation to this place Dec 2019. What took me by surprise was their happy hour promotion of 30c per dumpling! Super affordable and this is perfect on a uni student budget.


And of course, I went. The queue was long and there was A LOT! My friend and I had to wait for over an hour for an available seat. It was worth it!

Our soup dumplings (left) came out first. First impression: they were decent-sized and it seems like there was an appropriate amount of soup. A small bite let out the glorious smell of the soup hiding within the dumpling. I found the dumpling skin to be a bit thicker than the other ones I had but I have no qualms about it. It was good, and if only we had an extra stomach would we order more.

Potstickers: Pork & Cabbage

Next, were our fried dumplings. I honestly had never tried pork and cabbage before, thus this was a new experience. The dumplings were very hot when it arrived at our table but the waft of the oily fried deliciousness came through. I found it a bit too oily and while I enjoyed it, I preferred my usual pork and chives.

In which, I ordered steamed dumplings with my favourite mix: pork and chives. This was so good and I’m glad I could have most of it to myself as my friend prefers the potstickers, while I like steamed. It wasn’t oily and it went down perfectly down my throat. Again, it was piping hot when it came out but a bath in the vinegar cooled down slightly.

Steamed dumplings: Pork & Chives

Talking about vinegar, they also provided chilli sauce which was a great mix of spicy & sour. And guess what? Do you know how much this whole dinner cost? Only $19.9! 

I want to go back. Truly. Now that I’m on holidays, I should. The only thing that kills me is the queue but as long as I get there at 5pm, I’m sure I would not have to wait as long.

Kudos to the staff working here because they seriously had no time to rest 🙂

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