Day 23: Mini day trip to Daejeon

It’s my last full day!!!!! My flight isn’t until around 9pm tonight so I planned a day trip to Daejeon. Initially I wanted to go to Jeonju but the KTX timetable was too limited. I’m not taking any chances for international flights, can’t be late! (Especially with the crazy traffic here in Seoul).)

I bought breakfast at 7/11 because I wanted to try their onigiri at least once before I left and it was damn good! I seriously thought about coming here last night for ramen but I had to stop myself! It’s not good for you Lydia! Not at 11pm! Control yourself!!!!!

On my way to Daejeon

Getting to Daejeon was around an hour but because I bought the ticket last minute, I had to take 1h40m+ ITX train as there were no seats left on the KTX 😦 That didn’t deter me too much because I got to nap on the train! Super comfy especially after breakfast. Luckily I got the 1h journey for when I return to Seoul but I’m a bit sad I won’t get to spend a lot of time in Daejeon.

Prehistoric Park @ Daejeon

If I had more time, I would head to Junggang Market and the Hanbat Arboretum. But I was glad I could see a glimpse of Daejeon. For lunch, I had Yukgaejang Kalguksu and mandu! I couldn’t resist not ordering the latter and I was so glad I did because they were massive!

I couldn’t finish all the mandu, and so they helped me pack it for free! It tastes super good when cold as well!

Lunch @ Ihwasu Traditional Spicy Beef Soup

I have to say, I love the convenience of the KORAIL pass because I can just buy and refund tickets on my phone. I have had to postpone my return trip to Seoul by an hour because of lunch – hate rushing. And due to that, I’m set to arrive to the airport 2hours prior flight takeoff. If I tell my mum this, she’ll have the shits but I think 2hours is alright.

I took the airport limousine bus which is around 5-10mins walk from my hotel. It costs 10 000won and it goes straight to Incheon Airport T1 & T2. It’s a bit slower than the one I took to Seoul because it stops at many bus stops. Nevertheless, I enjoy the convenience of direct transport.

My first ever salad in Korea! 8500won~$10 (ricotta, orange, chicken and quinoa salad)

I love how people comment on the size and weight of my luggage. It is big and it is heavy. But! It was 29.7kg! I MADE IT! My ticket actually allows me to bring 35kg home so I could’ve bought more…

Anyways, I’m ultimately satisfied with my trip! I’ve met so many incredible humans, believed more in the goodness of humanity and m returning back home happier with my life. It’s good timing too as CNY is this week so it’s a good time to reunite with my family.

Lydia, you are extremely lucky to have this opportunity to travel and gain new life experiences in your 20s. Treasure your memories and let this fuel you for whenever you feel stressed out or unhappy. Love you and I wonder where you’ll decide to travel next on your next adventure. Wherever you are, be happy ❤