Day 21: All you can eat KBBQ

I can’t believe I’m awake at 5am! Honestly, I’ve been on and off sleep since 2am. I don’t know why. Is it because my travelling adventure is ending soon? Or is it because I drank too much last night that now I’m bloated on beer?

부산역 Busan Station

*** I’ve managed to get extra hours of sleep and woke up officially at 9am to pack! I can’t believe I have so much stuff! Even though I threw away my old boots, my luggage is full! Hence why I needed to use my handcarry luggage. I think I can still buy more stuff 😂

Anyways, I’m currently on the KTX towards Seoul and bought a tonkatsu set for brunch. Again, it comes with soup but I thought it came with water as well but I had to pay an extra 1000won for that. It’s around $1 so I didn’t mind and I need to keep myself hydrated for this “long” journey.

Onboard KTX and I can charge my phone!!!

Arriving back to Seoul was a bit of a weird feeling because I know I’ll be leaving soon. It’s quite bittersweet. I’ve seen so much and learnt so much in this country!

I took a taxi to my hotel, this time in staying in Insadong, and the taxi driver was a cute oldie. We had an amicable conversation despite the language barrier but I was able to understand what he was saying. It was funny because he was like You should date and get married here in Korea. It’s a nice place to live in. Korean guys are good. I LOLed so hard at that and allowed him to continue. He even honked at me to wave goodbye with a smile when he dropped me off. So sweet!!

Back at Seoul.. Shopping

I was thankful the hotel allowed me to check in early and it was so nice to finally have a huge space to myself! While I like hostels and guesthouses, hotels are damn good for when you need space to pack and don’t have to be considerate for others. Hence, why I booked this place for my last few nights in Seoul. They even have a sauna! But I can’t go since its my time of the month 😩

Anyways, I went on another shopping spree at Myeongdong and bought more masks, beauty and skincare products. Definitely a good place to get those products especially with the sale on! Look for those 10+10 sale! I even got the 50+50!! I’m caved so badly. Plus, you get free masks because you bought a lot!

Evening at Hongdae: KBBQ at Meat-ing, Sky Rabbit Cafe

I had to stop myself because I only have around $200 left, and I’m trying to not exchange more money. I went back to my hotel to pack these products in my luggage, showered and refreshed myself before KBBQ!

Can you believe it? I haven’t had KBBQ in Korea yet so I was excited to finally have a chance to eat it! Plus, it’s an all you can eat for 13900won!!! It’s 1000won cheaper during lunch.

The service here is also good because they allowed us to bring a bottle of maekkeoli without extra charge! They do sell soju, cider, etc separately but we didn’t want them lol

At Meat-ing

After having our fill, we relieved ourselves by exploring Hongdae: more shopping (I bought more beauty products lol), having desserts and even watching the live performances. One band danced to Exo’s Call Me Baby!