Day 20: Busan National University Street & Jogalchi Market

I woke up quite late this morning with eye bags! Luckily they can be covered by makeup 😉 I took my time getting ready and felt like having a toast/chicken for brekkie – hence, settled for Mom’s Touch when I passed by it.

I then took a bus to Seomyeon and went underground for some shopping. Some of the shops weren’t open and I got there around 12pm. But there are still plenty of stores to look around in and the sale season is still continuing! I also got another pair of heels for 10000won! And a few stores down, I saw the same pair selling for 15000! So, continuing on from my previous post, patience is key.

Chicken was so tender! Best chicken burger!

Boots were also being sold for 10000 at this same but they don’t have a nice style for block heels. Plus, I know my style will pop up soon. I didn’t feel like buying more tops because they’re all selling winter clothes – I need summer too! So I’m going to try my luck at the shopping district near the Busan National University.

This is another good spot for shopping and it’s super affordable since its in a university district. There’s also a department store just outside of the university called NC Shopping Mall. When I got in, I unknowingly walked into Shoopen (a store I wanted to go to for affordable shoes) and came out with brand new everyday sneakers! These are ones I can definitely wear all year round at school with my orthotics!

Chic cafe near Busan National University

Funny story, I basically got 1+1 coffee at this chic cafe because the owner made me a hot americano instead of iced (what I ordered). So that’s basically $3 for 2 coffees lol. Not complaining because I need it.


Afterwards, I headed to Jagalchi Market to meet a friend after offloading my shopping at my hostel. We had this hearty pig’s blood and pork soup with noodles which was quite warming on a cold night. Initially I wanted to choose the seafood downstairs but in the end settled for soup because I wasn’t that hungry for a feast. Next time!

He also brought me to see so many wonderful sights in Busan, enjoying the salty breeze of the beach and even seeing Busan’s beautiful night scenery. Seriously a fun night!

But we didn’t stop there. We took a metro back to Seomyeon for drinking! I seriously love the vibe here and there’s so many drinking games! If you’re ever in Korea, go to Thursday Party! It’s seriously fun!

@ Thursday Party