Day 19: Oryukdo Sky Walk, Shinsegae, Seomyeon :)

Began my morning have eomuks by a nice 이모(auntie) for breakfast. Eomuks are a must’ve in Korea as they’re fishcakes on skewers and they’re perfect for winter, anytime of the day.

I then caught Bus 27 which will lead me directly to the famous Oryukdo Sky Walk. I realised when I left the hostel that I forgot my selfie stick lol. I could’ve walked back to get it but wasn’t bothered lol.

The landscape views of the ocean from the skywalk was exquisite. I could also see high-rise buildings and can’t believe the people who live here has access to this magnificent view!

Having fun with the binoculars

After taking in the fresh air, I took a bus to Shinsegae Centum City which is the biggest shopping centre in the world. Tbh, I’m here to explore their food court prior to heading to this coastal temple.

This shopping centre is huge – well duh, it’s the biggest in the world! I didn’t bother exploring too much as I went straight to their food court and saw sushi train! And that’s what I had.

As a department store, items are pricier than what I was used to in the markets, so I didn’t bother checking out their stores – I can do that back in Aus.

Some of the sushi from Shinsegae

Btw, I have to note that I’ve seen so many people, high schoolers to elderly men, SPIT! It’s foul. Utterly foul.

Anyways, after having my fill, I walked to the bus stop outside to take a long ride to Haedong Yonggungsa Temple. Again, immaculate views of the ocean from this huge temple. Lots of Korean people were here as well as some foreigners, like me, on a Friday.

There is so much to take in and the ground is not smooth so don’t wear heels (I saw a girl wearing a miniskirt with heeled boots).

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

After your exploration above ground and even underground, I bought some sikhye (sweet rice drink) to cool me down. I enjoyed this drink as this is the drink Koreans have at jimjilbangs. (Not sure if I’ll have time to go to one.)

While I was drinking, I was searching for where I should go to next. I was thinking of the fish market or even back to BIFF for dinner but when I realised that it needs more than an hours worth of ride…NO! Knowing that I had to transfer at Seomyeon station, I decided to have dinner there.

I’m glad I did because there was even an underground shopping mall and I bought brand new knee high boots for around $30! Yes! That cheap! I think I might come back here tomorrow to check out other stores. I need more shoes.

Another great place to shop!

After buying my boots, I went to this restaurant located within the Street of Youth. It’s called Hwajeon noodles and it’s popular with the locals. No English menu but I need to thank my kdramas for helping me with Korean as I was able to order my bibimguksu as soon as I sat down 🙌 so proud of myself!