Day 18: Bukcheon Cultural Village, BIFF and more

I truly enjoyed the beautiful morning sight from my hostel as I could see the Busanhangdaegyo Bridge and Yeongdo Island. But that’s not the only sight I saw this morning.

I went to Bukcheon Cultural Village and was amazed by the view of the colourful painted houses. Truly a spectacular sight with the ocean as a backdrop. Definitely checked off my bucket list.

Bukcheon Cultural Village

There is so much to see and do in this village including trinket shops and foods to eat! A lot of street art and I nearly got lost in the maze in this colourful village. It was a sunny day too so I headed to this rooftop cafe to drink in more of this view. Plus, it’s good to support locals as they’re allowing us to roam around their hometown for free!

Shopping time

Afterwards, I headed to BIFF which was on the way back to my hostel. When I arrived, I turned off my Wi-Fi and just walked around the vicinity. I explored the market, shops and street foods around the area for hours, Gwangbongno Fashion Streets, and even went to Nampo underground shopping mall. Here I found a shop selling winter sweaters for 6000 won each! I bought a few because a lot of the styles were ahjumma style, but if you search hard enough there’s some that’s suitable for young adults 🙂

That’s the thing, you need patience for shopping and that’s my virtue 😂 one of the main things I wanted to get was a brand new wallet that’s suitable to my style. And today was the day I found it! I bargained a few thousand wons off and bought two! One for my mum and for myself. They’re super fashionable and they’re leather!

No shoes today unfortunately. I couldn’t find sandals as they’re all selling winter items.

Night time at BIFF

I came back to BIFF at night to have Busan’s notable ssiat hotteok! I love it! It’s sweet and crunchy at the same time, satisfying my taste buds! There’s so many street foods here but I wanted a warm room to sit and eat, so I went to a Japanese restaurant for katsu! I love how they provided Korean side dishes in a Japanese restaurant 😄

I even went to hair salons asking for prices as I was thinking of dying my hair and they all quoted me $350+!! ($400+ including treatment.) No way am I spending that much for my hair just for around 2 weeks of colour.