Day 4: First day of 2020

1st day for the new decade, I wonder what 2020 has in store for me.

This morning I lazed about and got up later than usual. I have no idea what I should get up to today but I know I need new earrings! I lost of my earrings yesterday and seriously went into panic mode as I tried to retrace my steps. I became a detective lol. I thought I lost it in the bar or at my hostel but when I looked through my past selfies, I found out it was the ONSEN! I’m a bit sad because I love these threader earrings but this also gives me a great excuse to get a new pair! WHOOO!


OK! I’ve decided to head to 象山 Elephant Mountain since I didn’t get a chance to go there yesterday for the fireworks. It will be a good place to celebrate the first day of 2020! I’m kind of glad I didn’t go to thr mountain as I heard it was really packed. Phew! That’s not to say Sun Yatsen memorial was empty because it was the total opposite! Loved that view!

The hike was so steep! I was so drained and I didn’t go all the way to the top!

I only hiked for 10mins and that has already seen me drenched with sweat. It was so steep! I stopped at the first viewing platform which provided me a good view of the 101 building. Unfortunately it was an overcast day so I couldn’t see the tip.

But when I walked across to another viewing platform, it was an even closer view! I love this lookout because you can see the whole of Taipei! No wonder the friends I made last night told me that Elephant Mountain is better than going up to 101. And it’s free!!! There’s also an option to go further up the mountain, but I couldn’t. And so, I began the descent down and even had a large cup of freshly squeezed orange juice for 45NTD!

Arriving back at ground level, I walked around town and it somehow led me to the 101 building. From there, I saw food trucks offering so many foods to eat! However, I was craving for one thing here: DIN TAI FUNG! I went to the one located inside 101 and quickly went to collect my order number. I was told last night that they had an app where you can check what number they’re up to. And so, after I collected my number, I just left the building to explore while keeping track of the order queue by the app. So convenient!

This area has a lot of shopping malls and there was even musical performances by buskers. They were so good!!!!!!

After walking around, eating snacks and enjoying the overall ambience, I realised my number was approaching soon so I headed back to Din Tai Fung.

I was quickly seated and the service was impeccable. The have staff who can speak foreign languages and those staff will serve the foreigners. You don’t need to tip because it’s already included in the 10% service charge.

I have to say, no wonder people line up for this place! I haven’t been to the one on Sydney yet and I should! The dumplings are a godsend! It’s a definite must try and waiting is definitely worth it!!!!!!

This meal was so satisfying!

I had to walk after having such a scrumptious meal. I listened to more performances and even saw cool street performances. Wow!

Getting closer to night time, I wanted to head back to my hostel. On the way, I went to ONEDAYS in Ximending to purchase glasses. I’ve been eyeing these for a few days now and decided I should get them! Overall, with my high prescription, added blue light and collect next day (because they didn’t have my left eye lens), it costs less than A$200! Love love love! I even did a secondary eye check prior to purchasing and the service was definitely smooth and top notch.

Nightlife at Ximending and Raohe Night Market

Afterwards, I explored the night market at Ximending and went to buy my long awaited brown sugar boba. Only less than $4!!! Sydney is double the price! We’re getting ripped off!

Plus, Taiwan’s boba is good. I like it better than Sydney’s because the milk is not too heavy and I don’t feel sick at the end.

Anyways, I wanted to explore another night market and went to Songshan (green line) to eat at Raohe Night Market. Honestly, I was still stuffed from Din Tai Fung but that didn’t stop me from walking around exploring the delicious foods around this area! It was a packed market but such a great experience.

Be prepared to walk for hours! So much food 😍

I found a dessert store which made fresh mochi and I decided to have it. Mainly because I needed to rest my feet too!

Also, just outside the entrance of the market is Cihou Temple! Go in and pray for good luck!