Living independently

Ever since my parents left for their trip to Europe, I’ve been solely left to survive on my own. Lol it is that, dramatic.

I think a lot of people, including myself, thought that I would resort to take out and eating out but I have literally been prepping and cooking for myself. I’m also in charge of MY own dishes, ensuring the house is orderly, checking the mail box & making sure trash are out for bin collection on appropriate days.

These chores might seem trivial to you but to me, it’s not. There’s a lot for me to do in this big house but I’m gradually adjusting to it. ☺️

I quite like it. Living independently. You’re on your own. You can only depend on yourself. It’s quite unrestrictive.

For my meals, I’ll let you know that I didn’t really skimp but been eating fairly well for myself. I love going grocery shopping and I’m kind of going every two days so my food are still fresh. Just the other day, I made salmon, steak and a lot of roasted sweet potatoes for my salad with avocado, kiwis, etc.

Having an oven is amazing! You can seriously bake and roast anything! I never loved having an oven so much until now.

But of course, I need some time off so will heading out for the long weekend with friends to party and EAT, starting NOW!

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