[Recap] If I Can Love You So 如果可以这样爱: Ep 2

Bai Kao’er confronts Geng Mochi because she believes he is withholding additional information regarding her husband’s death from her. However, he doesn’t admit anything and she leaves with anger, hitting his car in anger. In response, he tells his assistant to report her to the police. The police goes to arrest her and she gets fined. Her friend tries to make her see things rationally but Bai Kao’er maintains her stubbornness.

Meanwhile, Geng Mochi visits a man in the hospital who slandered his deceased wife in public. The man in the hospital insists on an apology from Geng Mochi but he says “I’ll apologise once you apologise to my wife”. Seeming that he won’t get an apology today, Geng Mochi leaves.

Later, Bai Kao’er and Geng Mochi meet again at a place where their deceased spouses supposedly had their affair. Bai Kao’er snoops around trying to find a clue before finding a letter. She tries to hide it from Geng Mochi but he doesn’t give up and proceeds to grab it from her, “This is my wife’s room… the letter is for me”. Bai Kao’er fights back and even bites him, escalating this situation to the police station. In the end, Geng Mochi was able to walk away freely since Bai Kao’er did trespass illegally. Her friends have to personally get her out of the police station but Bai Kao’er is still stubborn and doesn’t admit her wrong.

Ok, I’m going to stop here because honestly…I can’t seem to be interested in continuing on with this drama. I seriously dislike Bai Kao’er as she’s so freaking stupid. I get that she’s probably a good person who’s not after her husband’s fortune so she signs away her rights…but stupidly believing that she’ll get the house when she doesn’t even have the house deeds on her…come on! And to make matters worse, she now has people banging on her door asking for money (when she has none since she gave it all to her husband’s mother) because her husband’s company can’t pay them back… Furthermore…her stubbornness. Her husband is dead. He cheated on her. She knows. Why can’t she move on? He’s dead. Even if she finds out the truth about why he cheated on her…she won’t be able to get an apology from him…Plus, I don’t even want to mention the amount of times I’ve seen her in the police station already..



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