Gami Chicken and Beer @ Castle Towers

Chicken and beer, a perfect combination and nothing can go wrong right?

Located in Piazza in Castle Towers, this place is one of the many slew of restaurants that have transformed the Piazza to a new and more chic dining area. I seriously love how they’ve updated the Piazza as there is more variety of food across cultures!

As it was my first time, I asked my friend to take charge and to order the “best”. The only choices I got to make was that I wanted Potato Heaven and wanted to try G-Father.

The mixture of wings and drumettes were so tender – no wonder my friend insisted to order these as she states that the other chicken dishes were drier. Plus, having them drenched in soy garlic sauce was bellissimo!

12 pieces of Wings (soy garlic) $16.5

The seafood pancake..honestly I was disappointed when it came to the table. It didn’t look  that appetising because other seafood pancakes were more crispier and not as brown. But I tried it anyway and it was alright. I think I make it better at home and more visually appealing lol. The sauce doesn’t lift up the points for this dish either.

Seafood and Spring Onion Pancake $14

This dish definitely deserve its name “Potato Heaven”! Having sour cream and sweet chilli sauce on top was the best and definitely goes well with the wedges and cheesy potato! I was in love with this dish and it was so addicting. I could not stop eating through it!

Potato Heaven $14

I ordered the G-Father because it supposedly had ginger with soju and Gun:Bae Lager in it. However, this was disappointing because it was too sweet for my liking and I couldn’t taste the ginger and alcohol in it 😦

The Gun:Bae Lager was surprisingly good because I don’t usually go for light beers. Much better than the usual corona haha

Drinks: [Top] Gun: Bae Lager $5.5 [Bottom] G-Father – $8.5
Overall, love it! Would order all the same dishes again except the pancake. And this was definitely enough for two! I want to try their other dishes – especially the spicy soup. Can’t wait for my next meal here!


Gami Chicken & Beer Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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